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Marinus van Reymerswaele

The Calling of Saint Matthew

Although few historical references to this painter exist, Marinus van Reymerswaele has also been identified as Marinus Claessoon and “Moryn Claessone Zeelander”. The painting of Reymerswaele, who adopted the name of his native town, was mainly influenced by acquaintances who were followers of Quentin Massys. Whereas the realism in his attention to detail is reminiscent of Albrecht Dürer, the more distant influence of Leonardo can also be appreciated in the caricature depiction of the figures. Extremely limited, his repertoire consisted chiefly of scenes of moneychangers and lenders in detailed interiors, causing his work to be regarded as a clear forerunner to genre painting.

Luke 5: 27Mark 2: 14-18; Matthew 9: 9-17;
  • The Calling of Saint Matthew

  • Autor:
    Marinus van Reymerswaele
    Reymerswaele, c. 1490/1495-(?), c.1567
    The Calling of Saint Matthew, c.1530
    Oil on panel. 70.6 x 88 cm
    INV. 332 (1930.96)
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