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Matthias Stom

The Supper at Emaus

This canvas illustrates a passage from the Gospel of Saint Luke which tells how two of the twelve disciples stopped for supper at Emmaus in the company of a stranger they had met along the way from Jerusalem. After blessing and breaking the bread, Jesus is recognised by the two, who look upon him dumbfounded. The scene is set in a candlelit room with a chiaroscuro effect revealing the influence of Caravaggio, whose work Stom had seen during his stay in Rome in 1630. Stom subsequently travelled to Naples, living there from 1633 to 1639, during which time he painted this canvas (of which eight versions are known to exist).

Mark 16: 12 Luke 24: 13-35;
  • The Supper at Emaus

  • Autor:
    Matthias Stom
    Amersfoort, c. 1600-Sicily or Northern Italia (?), after 1652
    The Supper at Emaus, c.1633-1639
    Oil on canvas. 111.8 x 152.4 cm
    INV. 375 (1976.66)
    © Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza
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