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Giovanni Paolo Panini

The Pool at Bethesda

The companion piece to The Expulsion of the Money-changers from the Temple, this work (of which several versions exist) depicts the miracle worked by Jesus as described in the Gospel of Saint John. Panini arranged the composition with various groups of figures around rows of very tall Corinthian columns. In the background, the scene is completed by the pool itself and a portico revealing a bright sky behind. Evident in the style are Panini’s initial training in Piacenza as a set designer and his knowledge of figure and landscape painting, which he perfected in Rome.

   John 5: 1-15    Luke 5: 18-26    Mark 2: 3-12    Matthew 9: 1-8   
  • The Pool at Bethesda<

  • Autor:
    Giovanni Paolo Panini
    Piacenza, 1691-Rome, 1765
    The Pool at Bethesda, c. 1724
    Oil on canvas. 73,3 x 98.5 cm
    Inv. 312 (1976.12)
    © Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza
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